Non-Profit Law and Trade Associations

Non-Profit Law and Trade Associations

A thorough knowledge and understanding of the non-profit sector

Our lawyers advise numerous Belgian and European (international) associations and foundations in a wide range of sectors, such as banking, food, agriculture, education and health. Our clients mainly consist of:

  • European lobbies established in Belgium;
  • Schools and universities;
  • US and UK clients (i.e. charities and NGO’s) aiming to develop non-profit activities in Belgium and Europe;
  • Hospitals;
  • (International) non-profit associations and foundations;
  • (Semi-) public organisations.

Because of its ideal location in the heart of Europe, next to the European institutions, EY Law is well placed to represent its clients vis-à-vis the European institutions.

Multidisciplinary approach

EY Law combines strong non-profit awareness skills with experience in areas including employment and benefits, tax law, commercial law, intellectual property, data protection, (EU) regulatory, and competition law. EY Law’s added value is that it takes into account the specificities of the nonprofit sector to assist you in each of the area above-mentioned.EY Law lawyers work alongside professionals from other parts of EY’s businesses, including (direct and indirect (i.e. VAT)) tax, assurance, accounting, transactions and advisory. The growing global network supports EY’smultidisciplinary teams, providing a wealth of international resources and perspectives.
Strong national and international teamwork enables EY Law to manage multidisciplinary and cross-border projects effectively and seamlessly.

Build confidence

EY Law’s Non-Profit and Trade Associations practitioners are highly experienced in their field. EY Law provides legal advice and assistance that helps you to operate with confidence across legal obligations and opportunities. Key to EY Law’s success is the ability to deploy the technical skills of EY Law professionals to meet your governance and organizational needs.

Solid foundation

EY Law lawyers understand what matters to you. EY Law assembles a team to suit your needs, providing you with a client focused, dynamic and efficient service, with a single point of contact. Together, EY law can build the legal foundation on which you can grow your organisation.

Non-profit and Trade Associations law

EY Law represents non-profit organizations in many aspects of their corporate life, from the original establishment to various aspects of their existence, organization, (re)structuring, financing (a.o. (EU) funding and grants and fundraising) and termination.Our team assists you with amongst others:

  • The incorporation of legal structures under Belgian and European non-profit law;
  • Tailor made governance structures for large and complex associations or groups of associations;
  • The management, financing, running, dissolution and liquidation of associations and foundations and all matters relating thereto;
  • The mergers and demergers, international transfer of seats, reorganization and regrouping of clusters of associations, etc.