Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

No one wants to get involved in litigation. Avoiding and preventing litigation by advising and assisting our clients to the best of our ability is our top priority. However, sometimes litigation is unavoidable and, in such cases, it is imperative to be able to act quickly and strategically to manage it in the best possible way.

Law matters and jurisdictions

Our team has significant expertise in resolving disputes in the areas of commercial, corporate and administrative law. Our dispute resolution team is available to assist you in dealing with any business-related litigation you may face, from analyzing and determining the strategy to be adopted to obtaining a final decision and implementing it.

Our team of experienced litigators can assist your company or organization (private or public) in various complex legal matters before Dutch and French-speaking courts of the Belgian judicial system, as well as before the Belgian Council of State and Constitutional Court. In addition, our team has a broad experience in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as arbitration (both national and international) and mediation.

International disputes

EY Law is an independent law firm with access to the international EY Law network of legal practices affiliated to EY. In the event of a cross-border dispute, we can leverage our extensive international Network.

Areas of expertise

–        Commercial litigation including:

o   Claims related to supply agreements;

o   Claims related to service agreements;

o   Commercial lease matters;

o   Claims related to construction works;

–        Shareholders’ disputes;

–        Finance law disputes;

–        Real estate litigation;

–        Litigation in matters of public and administrative law;

–        Pre-contractual relationship.