Employment law

Employment law

There is more to employment than meets the eye. Whether it concerns hiring, employee contracts, terms and conditions of employment, dismissals, corporate and labor restructuring, or matters involving the works council, by making the right choices at the right time, you will prevent costly mistakes and limit your risks. Employment law is at the very core of our business. On a daily basis, we provide advice on all legal issues that are important to your company’s organization. General HR legal advisory services. We advise and assist clients in all aspects of labor and employment law, including hiring and termination of employees, running a compliant work place, social security law, unions and works councils’ advice.

Business startups

When companies start up a business and set up entities in Belgium, we advise and assist them in complying with local employment laws and fulfilling legal requirements and administrative formalities required by the employment, social security and tax authorities. HR transactional services. Our lawyers advise and assist clients in buying and selling companies throughout the entire transaction life cycle, providing the full range of HR and employee-related matters, including due diligence, deal negotiation, employee transfers, works council advice and post-deal transaction integration.

Downsizing and restructuring

We advise and assist in corporate and labor restructuring projects to help with compliance with employment law requirements and works councils procedures, including corporate simplification, headcount reduction, business relocation and outsourcing.

Industrial relations and employee governance

We advise and assist clients in their relations and communication with employees, works councils, trade unions, and labor authorities. We provide advice and assistance on employee governance issues, data privacy, codes of conduct and employee handbooks.

Employment law compliance

Our lawyers assess risks of noncompliance with local labor and employment laws, and help implement and maintain corrective actions to reduce risks and costs.

Dispute resolution and litigation

We provide advice to our clients in pre-litigation dispute resolution, litigation defense and settlements with employees and government agencies.