Corporate law

Corporate law

Corporate law is at the very core of our business. On a daily basis, we provide assistance on all legal matters that are important to your company’s organization. We offer, amongst others, the following services:

Legal transactions

Our team can assist you throughout the lifecycle of your company with all legal transactions such as the incorporation of your company or branch office, funding of your company, asset and share deals, management buy-outs, issuance of shares, bonds, notes or warrants but also the winding-up of your company. These are just some examples of the transactions which are part of our daily practice and in which we have gained significant experience.

Legal compliance

We will also be pleased to relieve you from the administrative burden sometimes caused by annual and ad hoc compliance matters, such as the approval of the annual accounts, the appointment or dismissal of directors/statutory auditors, assistance with the distribution of (intermediary) dividends, changes to the articles of association, the transfer of your seat and granting/withdrawal of special proxies.

Corporate restructuring

Our team has significant experience in the implementation and management of large-scale domestic and cross-border reorganizations, working in multidisciplinary teams with different jurisdictions involved. We know how to leverage our experience to benefit your restructuring projects, such as domestic or cross-border (simplified) mergers, (partial) demergers, transfers or contributions of universality of goods/branch of activities, domestic or cross-border conversions and migrations.

Corporate advisory

We also offer traditional advisory services on specific matters of corporate law, such as director’s liability, change of legal form, statutory auditor’s obligations and responsibilities, conflict of interest, corporate governance, judicial reorganization and bankruptcy.

Corporate agreements

Our lawyers provide advice on and draft all types of agreements between the corporate stakeholders, such as agreements between shareholders (shareholders’ agreements), between companies (joint venture and cooperation agreements), with managers (management services agreement), or with sellers/purchasers (heads of agreement, letters of intent, share purchase agreements).