Venture Capital & Angel Investments

Business Angel, Venture Capital or Corporate Investment Rounds

As a founder of a start-up or scale-up, you will probably find yourself entwined in a cluttered tangle of legislation. Besides that, a need for extra funding could also be present. You might be thinking about taking that next step, to collaborate with external investors. The time-consuming effect, that goes along with this process, may cause you to lose oversight of your core-business and may subsequently hold you back in what you can probably do best. That is why high-quality legal advice and support, may offer you and others involved the necessary comfort to take that next step.

External Investors – Our approach

Can you trust a Venture Capitalist? How do you share the cake with different investors that want to have the bigger piece? Do you understand the protective clauses an investor includes in his term sheet?
These are all difficult questions, which do not only relate to the legal spectrum. Therefore the broader aspects of entrepreneurship cannot be ignored. We are able to trigger you to reflect about possible scenarios, which probably did not yet cross your thoughts, thus allowing you to better prepare for the future. As we have a clear affinity with entrepreneurs, we take into account the broader spectrum of your business and subsequently align our legal advice and service to your wider business objectives and specific wishes.
We aim to build long-lasting and sustainable relationships with our clients. We try to do this by investing in getting to know you and your business. The idea is that we grow together with you and your start-up/scale-up.

Multidisciplinary and diversified

Today’s start- and scale-up-scene increasingly comes in contact with different aspects of the law, be it for example commercial, corporate, digital or employment law. As our EY Law office has specified professionals in all these subdomains of the law, we are well adapted to offer a multidisciplinary and diversified approach. We are furthermore able to draw upon the vast business network of EY, with in-depth tax, transactional and financial expertise. Therefore we are able to guide your start- or scale-up throughout the legal landscape, until you are a full grown corporate, and even further beyond.
EY Law and EY promote the use of the expert sessions, allowing you to sit together with experts for a two hour sessions, for free. This allows you to check what kind of assistance you need and in turn allows us to align and build a team which is best suited to guide you.

More often than not, the devil is in the detail

When things get serious, lawyers will join the table to make sure that the wishes of the parties involved are translated properly into legal documents. More often than not, the devil is in the detail. Translating your expectations and wishes into legally binding documents and the drafting of such documents, are part of the core of our business.
Our expertise involves guiding you through legal processes, drafting required legal documents, further help scale your business and much more. More specifically, the core of our business involves:

  • Drafting term sheets;
  • Taking part and preparing our clients for investment negotiations;
  • Drafting shareholder and investment agreements;
  • Further corporate governance and corporate secretarial services;
  • Drafting stock option plans;
  • Et cetera.

Has your interest sparked and do you wish to take that next step? Feel free to contact us any time!