How does the e-commerce boom affect your business? – Heads-up from a legal perspective

Recent trends have been emphasising the growing success of e-commerce. With traditional sales transactions increasingly shifting to digital transactions, digital businesses are currently witnessing an unparalleled expansion. The convenience with which customers are converted into sales is appealing for companies embracing the e-commerce trend. The rapid pace of digital business brings exciting opportunities but at the same time imposes important legal considerations.

Noteworthy is the reflection that the legislative trend moves at a far slower pace. E-commerce businesses are advised to bear in mind that the laws governing the subject of e-commerce are likely to change or to be amended over the coming years.

An equally noteworthy consideration is that e-commerce, just as traditional commerce, is governed by consumer protection laws. However, since e-business often involves cross-border transactions, questions regarding the applicable legal framework may arise. E-commerce businesses need to be aware of their legal obligations – often very stringent – when contracting with consumers (B2C).

Another observation is that the digital boom has already resulted in increased development of legal aspects. Setting up a successful e-commerce business can easily require multiple legal documents and agreements (e.g. agreements relating to user T&C, privacy policy, cookie policy, etc).

Whether it revolves around starting digital entrepreneurs or around an existing e-commerce businesses: it is challenging to identify the legal aspects of digital business up front. In a digital world, getting ideas off the ground quickly so that businesses can operate more effectively can be crucial for their success.

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