Audit for Associations: All that you need to know

At a certain point in their existence, most (international) non-profit organisations (hereafter: “NPOs”) will either (i) be obliged by law to organize a professional audit of their financial figures or (ii) choose to do so, from a good governance perspective. Our experience has shown that many NPOs are however not at all familiar with the process. Whether you are already acquainted or not with the rules and obligations linked to the appointment of an auditor in NPOs, join us on September 5th, 2022 at the occasion of the interactive seminar “Audit for Associations: All that you need to know” organized by ESAE, EY Law and EY to learn more about the subject.

Eef Naessens (auditor & partner at EY Belgium) and Didier Bernard (auditor & senior manager at EY Belgium) will discuss the practical aspects of audits for NPOs, e.g. the situations in which an audit is required, the different types of audit, the applicable timeline, the methodology used, etc.

Antoine Druetz (expert lawyer in non-profit law and partner at EY Law Belgium) will discuss the legal aspects of audits for NPOs, including the process to appoint and dismiss a statutory/contractual auditor, the potential directors’ liability, the risk of getting fines, etc.


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