Bringing the S in ESG

We are currently experiencing a growing focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).


The increasing regulations on corporate sustainability policies and workforce-related compliance mean that conversations with a specific focus on the S in ESG are becoming increasingly important, not just for Legal and HR teams but for the C-suite as well.


We feel that employers will need to understand and adapt to these conversations very quickly in order to continue acting as responsible global citizens.


In this regard we are happy to share a copy of the new edition of EY’s Global Labour and Employment Law Strategic Guide, in which we survey legal regulations relating to ESG across more than 30 countries and to which Barbara François and Marie-Emilie Truyens contributed.


We are happy to provide further assistance if you would like to discuss or plan for any ESG-related activities within your organization.

Global LEL Strategic Guide Interactive_July 2022.pdf