Next FAIB lunch-debate: VAT – A few good habits for Non-Profit Organizations

Antoine Druetz, head of EY Law’s Non-Profit & Trade Associations team together with Sofie van Doninck and Katrien Vermoote, EY’s VAT experts, will be the guests speakers of the next FAIB lunch-debate. The speakers will point out the VAT good habits to build with regard to non-profit organizations.

Please find below the invitation from the FAIB to the lunch debate:

When dealing with VAT and NPO’s, questions often pop up and unfortunately the answer is not always that simple: whilst the membership fees itself might benefit from the VAT exemption, other activities carried out by the NPO can be (mandatorily) subject to VAT. VAT taxable activities leads to VAT deduction but also trigger a whole range of VAT compliance obligations. On the other hand, NPO’s  who’s activities are not subject to VAT, can also face certain compliance obligations.

During this lunch debate, Antoine, Katrien and Sofie will provide you with more insights on the main VAT topics that are relevant for non-profit associations that should allow you to assess whether your NPO is currently – more or less – compliant with the VAT rules or whether changes are required. There will also be a possibility to ask questions.

Practical information:

When? On Thursday 19 May 2022 from 12:00 to 14:30.

Where? At the M.A.I. rue Washington 40, 1050 Brussels.

Take this opportunity and register here before May 17!”