Overview of some striking sanctions imposed by Data Protection Authorities in recent times – EY Law, June 2020

The Data Protection Authorities in the European Union are increasingly active since the implementation of the GDPR.

They appear to apply an interpretation of the GDPR requirements that is, as a rule, far stricter than expected by many. This tendency is being observed in many European countries and now also in Belgium. Fines are sometimes strikingly high and additional sanctions severe, causing collateral economic and reputational damage to the organization found in breach. A large variety of organizations in all sorts of sectors are being targeted regardless of their seize or activity.

To illustrate this somewhat relentless approach, we hereby provide an overview of some recent sanctions in Belgium and our neighboring countries.

We can only highly recommend having at all times a full GDPR compliance data protection strategy in place and ensuring accurate tools and resources are available for continued compliance.

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