Workforce Restructuring – Global LEL Strategic Topics

In today’s globalized and digitalized economy, the “new normal” is constant change.

Domestic and multinational companies must now constantly transform their business  operations to compete in national and global markets. As a result, the day-to-day job of HR professionals focuses on not only routine HR matters, but more importantly, managing the constant transformation of business operations, and the workforce, as well.

Labor and employment law issues are of paramount importance in workforce restructuring. In multi-country global transformations, labor and employment laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, each with separate process requirements, all of which can make global restructuring projects challenging and complex.

Diligent planning and compliance with HR laws and regulations are key to designing and implementing a successful restructuring process to achieve the desired transformed business.

In this issue, we look at workforce restructuring laws in 28 countries around the world.

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