Arne Saerens

Junior Associate

Arne specializes in privacy and data protection law, ICT law and intellectual property law. Fascinated by the digital world in general and the legal implications of new technologies in particular, Arne joined EY Law in January 2023 to further pursue his interests in these dynamic and rapidly evolving areas of law.                                                                                                                                                   Expertise area: Arne’s field of expertise includes:
  • advising on the application and implementation of data protection rules including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Belgian national data protection legislation, including the drafting of related policies, procedures and agreements;
  • acting as Data Protection Officer (DPO) for organizations and supporting organizations’ internal privacy teams;
  • providing training in data protection law;
  • providing assistance and representation in investigations and proceedings before the Data Protection Authority;
  • providing assistance and follow-up in the context of personal data breaches;
  • conducting data protection audits;
  • advising on intellectual property matters and advising on and drafting intellectual property agreements;
  • advising on e-commerce and consumer law, and advising on ICT matters and drafting ICT-related contracts and terms and conditions.
  Additional information:   Arne is a lawyer and member of the Brussels Bar. He holds a Master of Laws (Ghent University, 2018) and obtained an advanced master in Intellectual Property & ICT Law (Catholic University of Leuven, 2019). Arne has over 3 years of professional experience as a lawyer. Prior to joining EY Law in January 2023, he worked in a small niche law firm specialising in IP, IT & Privacy / Data Protection.                                                                                                                       Publications SUSTRONCK, O., VANSTEENKISTE, T. & SAERENS, A., De GDPR in de advocatuur, Ghent, Skribis, 2021, 164 p. SUSTRONCK, O., KEETA, S. & SAERENS, A., "It's not you, itsme: of hoe de identificatieplicht voor toegang tot een overheidsdienst tot een (in)breuk kan leiden", in Tijdschrift voor Privacy en Persoonsgegevens, nr. 2021/3.  
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