Mediation and conflict management

Conflict management through mediation

Mediation is a process by which a neutral trained third party (a mediator) helps two or more conflicting parties to come to a mutually acceptable agreement. The parties to the mediation, and with the help of the mediator, fully control the outcome thereof.
The mediator facilitates communication, promotes understanding, assists the parties to identify their needs and interests, and uses problem solving techniques to enable the parties to reach an agreement.
Unlike court proceedings or arbitration, no solution is imposed. The main advantage is that when, as a result of mediation by a professional mediator, a solution has been reached, it is fully supported by all parties.

Mediation in a (family) business context

Our professional mediators have a wide range of negotiation and communication techniques. These techniques have proven to be helpful in difficult discussions with business partners, a (candidate) purchaser or seller, the (family) shareholder(s), management, etc., and aim to establish open and good communication. This leads to an efficient and effective dialogue resulting in a common understanding of the underlying problem.
In business dealings where the human connection (so-called ‘rapport’) is important (e.g. M&A, joint ventures, estate planning,…) and/or in projects where the relationship between the parties constitutes an obstacle to take the necessary next step (e.g. deadlock situations between (family)shareholders, unspoken annoyances,..), the use of mediation skills really can get you ahead.

Slow down to get ahead

The result of investing in communication is twofold: (i) the relationship will be strengthened or cleared out and (ii) a final solution or business objectives, satisfactory to all parties, can be achieved.
Mediation techniques will help you get clear on the drivers and goals of all stakeholders. Therefore, and regardless the outcome thereof, the mediation process adds value for all parties involved.

Our mediation services

Our dedicated and experienced team of certified mediators offers the following services:

    • mediation as alternative dispute resolution;
    • mediation, or the use of mediation skills, in an M&A context;
    • mediation in case of family conflicts (e.g. within the framework of estate planning or handing over the business to the next generation);
    • assisting difficult conversations and/or negotiations, to get ahead;
    • one-on-one conversations with all interested parties in order to align; and
    • drafting the various implementing agreements after a successful mediation process.