Ilka Buys


Practice Area

Ilka’s main focus concerns contract law and IT law. Ilka‘s main focus is on drafting, reviewing and negotiating various types of agreements in the field of ICT law, such as outsourcing agreements, IT consultancy- and reseller agreements, etc. In addition to assisting and advising clients in the field of ICT law, she also has the necessary experience in the field of data protection (GDPR). She provides Belgian IT companies with the legal support they need with regard to the protection of personal data in the form of consultancy services, and is also in direct contact with different data protection officers. In addition, Ilka also practices commercial law in its broadest sense, with a focus on providing advice, assistance and drafting contracts, such as distribution agreements, non-disclosure agreements, general purchase and sales agreements and commercial lease contracts.

Expertise Area

Ilka has been involved in the following matters:
  • ICT contracting;
  • GDPR;
  • Commercial law;
  • Consumer law.

Additional Info

Ilka graduated cum laude as a Master in Law from the University of Antwerp in 2015. In 2018, she followed the Data Protection Officer training at the Data Protection Institute, and obtained her DPO certificate. Subsequently, she obtained her GDPR Lead Auditor certificate in February 2019.


The balance after one year GDPR and a look at the future (VZW Actueel: Part I: nr 8 // April, 19th 2019 and part II: nr 9 // May, 3th 2019) (jointly written with Kelly Matthyssens) What does Brexit mean for GDPR? (VZW Actueel: nr 14 // August, 23 2019) Non-Disclosure agreement (Kluwer: Bijvoorbeeld – modellen voor het bedrijfsleven, will be published in 2020.)